Gym Cleaning Services

Working out in a gym helps you keep fit and healthy, but in the process, you might come in contact with bacteria and germs that can affect your health and general wellbeing if you visit an unclean fitness center.

Exercising in an unclean gym is counterproductive, be it a public or private gym in your home. To guard against this, you must keep your gym clean and free from harmful bacteria by cleaning it regularly either through the services of a professional gym cleaning company, or doing the job yourself.

As a gym cleaning expert, we have put together these cleaning solutions for gym equipment to help you in keeping your fitness center germ and bacteria-free. Though these processes are do-it-yourself possible, it is advisable to engage a professional gym cleaning company to carry out this task for you.

Factors that Makes a Gym Dirty

There are lots of factors that make your gym or fitness center dirty and unhygienic, and some of these are:

  • The nauseating smell of sweat.
  • Soap scum accumulating in the bathroom.
  • Sweat dripping in the carpet and causing mold.
  • Decomposing skin flakes.
  • Fingerprints on mirrors and glass.

As a company that offers expert gym deep cleaning services, we use highly specialized equipment, technique, and non-toxic chemicals to remove the sweat, carpet mold, fingerprints, skin flakes, and soap scum.

Apart from the chemicals, our gym floor cleaning machine will remove every trace of dirt and grime from your carpet, wooden, or concrete floor, leaving your fitness center looking clean and having a fresh scent that will impress and delight your patrons.

Commercial Gym Cleaning Checklist

Here is a cleaning checklist that will help guide you in keeping your gym clean.

​ ​The Entrance Area Your entrance area is the first point of contact that customers will have with your gym. Cleaning the windows, doors, and freeing the floor mat of debris will help give it a shining and welcoming feel.​​

Your Workout Area An unclean workout area will have a stale smell of sweat. It is therefore advisable to pay special attention to it by cleaning the wall mirrors, floor, fixtures, and the equipment to free it from smell causing bacteria and germs.

The Equipment Clients touch your equipment daily and leave sweat and dirt on them. To keep them clean and germ-free, you should dust and disinfect them regularly using non-toxic chemicals. ​

Carpets and Gym Mats Your mats and carpets should be cleaned with a vacuum and other gym floor cleaning machines to prevent dirt and grits from accumulating on them. Disinfectants should also be used in this area to kill germs and bacteria.

Well-Kept Floors A well-keep floor will prevent accidents from happening in your gym. It is advisable to always be on the lookout for flooring problems.

Locker-Rooms Remove all the trash and debris from the locker-room. Apply disinfectants on benches, locker doors, and touchpoints at least on a weekly bases.

Bathrooms Disinfect and clean the shower and bathroom area to remove soap scum, fungi growth, and sweat mold.

Clean Your Office Space Members and prospective members usually drop by to your office. Maintaining a clean office is one sure way of showing them how professional you are.

Backup services you can bank on us for backup when you need the professional touch of a gym cleaning company. We will guide you on how to maintain high cleaning standards that will impress your clients and boost their confidence in your gym as a safe place for workouts.