Commercial Floor Cleaning

Are you in need of a professional cleaning service in West Palm Beach, florida , that can maintain all flooring types? If your answer is yes, then we are your plug for all kinds of floor cleaning, be it carpet cleaning, hardwood floors, tiles and grout, and marble. We will also steam clean your natural stone, granite, vinyl, linoleum, and concrete floors to make it shine and last longer. Our customers value our services because we use cutting-edge technology and expertise to deliver on every job.

Being mindful that different kinds of floors require different technology and technique for its cleaning process, we approach each floor maintenance task differently. Now, you may be wondering, what are the different types of flooring surface, and how do they maintain them? Continue reading to find the answer below.

Types of Flooring

Carpets are used to cover floors. They also add to the aesthetics of the room, hall, or office. The best way to clean a carpet is to vacuum it. Sometimes, if there is a stain in the carpet, it can be scrubbed and washed, but must be dried to avoid it smelling. Depending on the traffic and the volume of debris, vacuuming a carpet should be every day or two times a week.

Concrete Floors
It is advisable to use a commercial sealer to protect your concrete floor from absorbing stains. Spilled liquid like coffee, milk, syrup, and others can stain a concrete floor if not properly scrubbed and mopped. Adding a seal on your concrete floor makes it easy to clean.

To maintain your concrete floor, dust, scrub, mop, and wax it regularly.

Hard Wood Floor
The best medium to clean the hardwood floor is to use a cleanser or wood polish. It is not advisable to use water because it could soak and make the wood to rot. It is also advisable not to allow spilled liquid to stay on a wooden floor for long.

Vinyl and Laminate
It is also not advisable to allow water or liquid to soak through vinyl floors as this can damage it. To prevent water from damaging your vinyl floor by weakening the adhesive, use minimal water to mop and dry it.

Linoleum Floors
The best way to clean and maintain linoleum floors is to vacuum and dust it. You can also lightly mop it once a week. It is also advisable to hire a professional to use linoleum wax to polish and shine it.

Tile and Grout
It is advisable to use non-abrasive cleaning chemicals to clean tile-floors. There are different types of tiles with varying degrees of resistance to cleaning chemicals, but the grout used in binding tiles together is highly susceptible to lingering water, abrasive cleaning chemicals, and vigorous scrubbing. To retain the sheen on your tiles, mop regularly with a damp mop and neutral mild floor cleaning agent. Also, keep the grout clean by brushing regularly.

Always seal your terrazzo floor with a sealant to prevent discoloration and protect the mortar holding it together. Terrazo is closely related to marble and should be treated with the same care. Wiping terrazzo regularly with a damp mop will help retain its shine.

Marble Floors
Marble is vulnerable to water because of its porous nature. To protect your marble floor from wearing out due to moisture accumulation, seal it with a marble sealant. This way, you can regularly clean it with hot water and a pH-neutral cleaning chemical to prevent discoloration and dust accumulation.

Floor Cleaning Machines
There are different machines and tools used in cleaning different types of floors. Some of these tools are mops, brush, vacuum cleaner, pressure washers, scrubbers, sweepers, and buffers. These tools can be automated or manual and are readily available in stores. It is advisable to hire the services of a cleaning company to perform deep-cleaning tasks, to avoid mistakes

Hire a professional
Hiring the services of a professional for your deep cleaning task comes with a lot of advantages. Cleaning can be hazardous sometimes if left in the care of untrained hands, and you also run the risk of damaging your floor if you handle the cleaning task yourself.

So, invest in the maintenance and floor care by hiring our professional crew of cleaners. We are the premium cleaning experts in West Palm Beach, and will give you value for your money.