With any successful occupation it takes a developed set of skills & attributes to perform at a high level such as; time – management skills because time is important to complete tasks before the given deadline.

Service team members here at west palm beach commercial and residential cleaning, possess skills sets and attributes that contributes the highest level of industrial antisepsis to the local Martin, Palm beach, Broward county market place.

We tackle difficult tasks for you such as large area carpet cleaning, multi-level window washing, tile & grout scrubbing, large area rugs deodorizing & shampooing, concrete ablution, natural stone washing and polishing.

Here at commercial care WPB, we have invested in the most elite equipment, and technologies available to operate at the highest level of quality and efficiency.

Consistency & attentiveness skills as it’s often the small details which are overlooked, and therefore you need to have reliable sanitation service to maintain a standard of care.

Working in a clean business environment not only minimizes spread and contamination of bacteria and viruses but keeps productivity high though maintaining employee retention on a day to day because employees get sick less often.

Also, research states when employees are healthy in there working environments it supports positive emotions and enhances focus and concentration. Companies that entrust in cleaning maintenance, not only increase their longevity and functionality of their assets but there jobholders as well.

​Possessing the capability to weigh options outside of traditional circumstance and adjust accordingly, while maintaining a positive outlook are highly valued traits regardless of industry. In the industrial and business antisepsis sector, representatives must face a variety of challenges in any given project. They must make decisive decisions such as most effective product for a certain type of floor material or has to evaluate new ideas to enhance their teams’ level of efficiency to complete the task.

Therefore, it is much more effective to hire a cleaning service with proven and honed problem- solving skill set to find the correct effective solutions to address any service need.

The importance of being Versatile, being capable of quickly adapting from one task to another is also critical for any duty service. In addition, the ability to leverage innovation, embrace new challenges and leave one’s comfort zone when needed, are traits needed to bring a high level of service in any business setting.

Equivalently, in a cleaning service business every day brings new challenges. Our team in equipped to work in different environments, such as; Office upkeep, Religious institutions , School Cleaning , Day- Care unit sanitation large Industrial maintenance all by utilizing a diverse set of products chemicals and equipment needed to execute the service project effectively and efficiently, when conditions and settings might rapidly change.


The emphasis on honesty and integrity in a work setting is more or less self-explanatory; honest employees are more accountable, reliable and less likely to cause damage to an organization through participating in unethical or illegal behavior. Honestly and integrity are associated with a number of other attributes, including rule adherence and trustworthiness. Tests that assess honesty are especially useful for positions that require that level of trust. Through the use of workplace productivity profile (WPP) our representatives are measured on four traits. Honesty/Integrity, Perseverance, attitudes towards theft and fraud. The test evaluates general reliability, rule following, and the potential risk that employees might participate in disadvantageous work behaviors. The WPP is one step in the process for representative evaluation when looking to bring aboard.

​We have built a reputation on superior work, positive energy and demonstrated positivity comes from holding a level of pride. We believe in being the best you can be through being alert, lively, enthusiastic & knowledgeable. Our representatives show a hunger for continued learning and a passion for constant improvement. We have built a reputation for having a high level of pride in taking on any commercial service need. It is well known that employees that are truly passionate and take pride in their organization bring that high value service day in & day out to every service duty. These are common characteristics found in every employee at cleaning services west palm beach.

Our team of professional porters take pride in every project based commercial upkeep or residential service, while continuously improving through up to date training processes and protocols to stay ahead of the rapidly changing business sterilization needs. With With our flexibility and our capabilities we can customize our customers’ needs at any venue no matter the project or task.

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