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Time is important when it comes to handling any business, so worrying about the details of property upkeep shouldn’t be an additional factor to think about when operating a business.

Cleaning services of west palm beach is a full-service professional maintenance company that offers big time commercial service with a small-town personal touch, equipped to handle multiple areas of duty services in the west palm beach area.

A sanitized and tidy business environment establishes confidence and trust with potential clients which is critical when maintaining and growing your business.

So why take a chance when it comes to economic servicing, protecting your business, your assets and brand image is our number one goal. Through us you not only get value for your dollar, but peace of mind while being cost effective.

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​Deep down, we know that there’s more to commercial cleaning services than getting the job done. And for this reason, we do not just employ janitors and cleaners that can get the job done – we employ professionals that know the ethics surrounding the task of cleaning


At commercial cleaning west palm beach, we have a framework we follow. This ensures that we are consistent with the quality of service we provide to our clients. We cater to customers of all classes, and regardless of the type and size of a project, the quality of service offered is the same.


We specialize in many areas of deep sanitation and detailed disinfection so our customers can focus on their customers and clients to GROW their business


​Commercial cleaning west palm beach has many years of experience in the business of keeping environments clean and healthy. You can leverage on our years of experience to make sure the space you live in is as tidy as possible. We have experience in commercial floor cleaning, gym cleaning and disinfection, restaurant and office cleaning, as well as post-construction, school cleaning, and retail cleaning.


Well Equipped

Our commercial maintenance of west palm beach means business as far as helping people keep their environments and spaces clean is concerned. We invested in state-of-the-art equipment and coverall  that will not only save us time and resources but will also clean your space properly without any adverse effect on your surfaces. Our tools are categorized and specialized in the specific tasks they are meant for. We have tools that can clean a good number of environments

Fairly Priced

We employ only the best hands around to help us take care of your need, and they have to be compensated accordingly. Our equipment is state of the art and high-grade, and as such, our service does not come cheap. However, we are not in considerably expensive – our services are reasonably priced and competitive.

Secure and Confidential

We can be trusted because of our high standard work ethics. We do not just employ janitors and cleaners. We carry out a background check and draw a behavioral conclusion on a potential employee before onboarding. We have strict rules and guidelines that we ensure our cleaners follow to the later to guarantee our clients’ security. We believe in a strict non-disclosure policy. .

Insured and Bonded

We are fully insured and prepared for any form of accident and property damage issue provided it can be proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the fault is from our end. We have general liability insurance and ready to show you an up-to-date proof. We have other insurance, too.

Commercial Floor Cleaning
Restaurant Cleaning
Post construction Cleaning
Residential Cleaning
Retail Cleaning
Gym Cleaning
School & University Cleaning


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We understand how important it is to keep all the areas of your gym clean, healthy, and hygienic. We do not just clean your gym clean, but we make sure it is disinfected and kept in the perfect condition that your customers will appreciate. A clean, sparkling gym center is inviting and will earn you more fitness enthusiasts. Our gym janitor service will ensure that your gym is kept in the best condition possible. After testing our service, you won’t be needing any other cleaning service again.

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Learning environments are some of the most difficult places to sanitize. Because of the high traffic, high touch capabilities these particular facilities can generate high instance of disorder and unsanitary conditions. Thus, the need for deep cleaning is a must to provide students and staff the protection they deserve against illness causes bacteria and viruses to come.

We have a team of skilled janitors that serve as proficient porters for your educational setting. They perform efficiently in educational facilities, and are known to blend well with staff and students. We have the manpower to accommodate both small and big cleaning projects.


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Construction projects can leave a lot of dirt, debris, and dangerous objects on site. The mess created has to be taken care of before the site can be put to any sensible use. However, the mess created by construction workers cannot be easily cleaned. It takes a lot more than just a basic janitor skill to tidy a construction site after all work has been done. That is why you need to delegate such work to us. We have the requisite skills in post-construction cleaning, and our Post construction cleaning services skills is second to none.


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We at commercial cleaning are professionals in the business of keeping floors impeccable . We offer a range of floor cleaning services that cover most of the flooring types used in households or business establishments. Our services cut across carpet cleaning, tile and grout, natural stone restoration, and wood flooring. We pride ourselves as not just a regular commercial cleaning service provider, but as unique provider in the quality of services we offer to our customers.

Our professional-grade floor cleaning services not only ensure that your carpet, and other flooring types are kept neat, inviting, and smell natural, but will do so while ensuring the quality of your flooring material is preserved. We believe in long-term commitments, and know that it is only possible when we do our job perfectly.

Restaurant cleaning west palm beach

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We have a dedicated restaurant maintenance team that will take the job off your hands, and give you the best the industry can offer. We make use of professional-grade chemicals and equipment to make sure your restaurant is given that inviting look and feel that will keep customers coming back. When it comes to keeping restaurants and kitchen clean, you can trust us – and we will deliver 100% without delay. Our prices are competitive – and our services rated higher. We are open to a long-term commitment. Contact us today for your restaurant cleaning and disinfecting service.


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​As a professional residential cleaning service, we specialize in taking over the burden of cleaning your house while you attend to other important things such as family and friends. We provide maid service that includes not only residential but assisted living facilities and property management services. Regardless of the type of particular service needed rest assure you are guaranteed to have the best quality servicing available.

Retail Store cleaning west palm beach

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Retail space in particular is one place that can get dirty quickly as more and more people come in, move around, and out of the retail store. Your best bet is to make sure the mess they generate does not remain in the environment for long. This can only be done through establishing a dedicated cleaning service.

At west palm beach cleaning services our professionals specialize in retail cleaning and disinfection.. Aside from the flooring, our technicians are experienced in all the realms of where dirt, dust and bacteria accumulate, such as the back of the shelves and in difficult places to reach.


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Any type of office space requires a Office cleaning customized cleaning plan of action designed to address all of the tasks involved in any office occupied area; such as examination rooms, conference rooms, front desks, corridors or lobbies.
We are specialized in sanitation and have a knack for uncovering all the hidden places in an office setting that dirt, bacteria or germs can accumulate – let us keep your office sparkling for you.

​We strive to live up to our promise in many areas of the cleaning industry. Office settings are just one of the areas we specialize in. If you choose us as your service team we guarantee you professional office porters that are trustworthy, knowledgeable, and courteous. We can be trusted, choose us today.

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What is the difference between domestic and commercial cleaning?

Commercial cleaning a broad operation depending on what you are looking to accomplish and the what you are wanting to spend. Commercial cleaning companies are typically not tied to one specific area such as floors, windows or dusting, but should be looked at an overall project entirely. An example would be if you have an office building or retail store.

The services would not just be one focal point but more of an overall solution to cleaning or maintenance of business establishment.On the other hand, domestic cleaning is directly focused on residential establishments such as a home or condominium. Typically, with home cleaning large scale industrial equipment is not needed such as floor polishing machines or large vacuums. Also, domestic cleaning usually does not require the large volume of manpower.

How do you price commercial cleaning?

Commercial cleaning pricing is ultimately dependent on the task at hand, the frequency of servicing and the sq ft. If the pay structure is set up for hourly, then one would expect to pay somewhere between $20-$30 per hr. If pay structure is set up to be per sq ft then pricing will generally fall between 5 -60 cents per ft.

Since timing is a factor, areas such as windows, kitchens and bathrooms a client can have a good idea of pricing in these areas dependent on amount of traffic created in these areas.